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Sponsorship Contract


For the purposes of the following contract, PC DOCTORS, LLC will be referred to as sponsor.


For the purposes of the following contract, ________________________ will be referred to 

as driver/race team


This contract between PC DOCTORS, LLC and driver/race team is being entered into with the 

express purpose of mutual financial benefit to both parties.


The purpose of the arrangement is for driver/race team to refer customers to PC DOCTORS, LLC 

for the purchase of new or used merchandise and/or service and for PC DOCTORS to contribute 

a percentage of said transaction back to the driver/race team which said driver represents.


PC DOCTORS, LLC, upon entering into agreement with driver/race team will be responsible for 

providing collectible business cards. Cards will be provided to the driver/race team at no 

expense. These cards will contain a picture of the driver and car, space for driver autograph, 

and on the opposite side, directions for use of the consumer. Driver will autograph the cards, 

return them to PC DOCTORS, LLC for laminating and then these same cards will be returned 

to the driver. Cards will be given to friends, relatives and acquaintances of the driver with 

encouragement to contact PC DOCTORS, LLC should they ever need computer sales and/or 

services. Only cards specifically prepared by PC DOCTORS, LLC will be accepted for the 

special sponsorship transaction. At the conclusion of the contract period, unless the contract is 

renewed for an additional period of time, or should the contract be terminated, all previous 

unused cards given out by the driver become null and void.


Customer brings card into PC DOCTORS, LLC and presents it at the initial visit to the store, 

indicating that he/she was "sent by driver/race team." Transaction is entered into between 

customer and PC DOCTORS, LLC. For any purchase over $50.00 (fifty dollars), a percentage 

of the purchase price (not including tax) will be returned to the driver. (See attached Schedule A 

for amounts.) Contributions will be returned to driver/race team within 30 days of full payment by 

the customer.


In the event that customer should opt to purchase a complete system (new or used) an 

autographed card will be affixed to the computer indicating that the customer is a sponsor of 

driver/race team. It will be the sole discretion of PC DOCTORS, LLC to affix autographed cards 

on upgrades and/or other major transactions.


PC DOCTORS, LLC will additionally provide to the driver/race team, a web page with individual 

and race team information, pictures, personal data, race record, sponsors, links, etc. at no charge.


PC DOCTORS, LLC will be considered a sponsor of the race team and, as such, be displayed 

on the individual race car. In the event that a driver should drive more than one race car, 

PC DOCTORS, LLC will appear as a sponsor on each car driven by said driver.


PC DOCTORS, LLC will be the only computer company advertised on the car. The space 

occupied by PC DOCTORS, LLC may be purchased by any competitor company at a cost of 

$10,000 (ten thousand dollars).


This contract will be for a period of five years, annually reviewed by both the driver/race team 

and PC DOCTORS, LLC. Should either party choose to declare this contract null and void 

during the period of its validity, written request must be submitted to the remaining party within 

5 (five) working days. Notice to terminate the contract will be signed by both parties.


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